HVAC Blower Motor Replacement Cost

It’s not hyperbole to assert that your HVAC system would not function without its blower motor. This important component is located inside the air handler and is responsible for transferring heated or cooled air through the ducts and out the vents where it is most needed.


The average cost of a furnace blower motor is $450, however the actual price is determined by labor costs and parts costs. Some higher-end versions include huge or difficult-to-reach motors, which might cost up to $2,000 to replace an HVAC blower. If you have an active warranty, you may just have to pay $150 for labor.

HVAC Blower Motor Replacement Cost

Cost of an AC/Furnace Blower Motor

When considering the cost of a blower motor, this frequent furnace repair cost could include replacing the complete device or just particular sections. The numbers on your final bill are made up of this, as well as your labor cost.

Replacement of a blower motor costs 

A furnace blower motor replacement can cost anything from $100 to $2,000, but this usually includes the motor, fan, and the entire home. You might be able to save money by changing simply the motor and keeping the remaining components alone in some circumstances.


The most popular sizes for furnace and AC blower motors, as well as their prices, are as follows:

  • $100–$550 for a quarter horsepower
  • $100–$800 for one-third horsepower
  • $120–$1,000 for a half-horsepower
  • $175–$1,500 for a quarter-horsepower
  • $250–$2,000 for one horsepower

Heater/AC Parts prices for a blower motor

You might be able to repair individual elements of your blower motor if they wear out. Here’s how much each one might cost on its own:

  • $20–$150 for a bearing
  • $5–$100 for the belt
  • $50–$275 for a blower wheel, sometimes known as a “squirrel cage.”
  • $150–$450 for a capacitor
  • $100–$300 for housing
  • $50–$250 for a pulley.
  • $50–$200, depending on the shaft

Furnace Blower Motor Replacement Labor Cost

A replacement blower motor for your heater or air conditioner might cost between $150 and $250, with labor charges accounting for the majority of the cost. HVAC professionals are paid between $75 and $125 per hour on average. It could take anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours to replace a blower motor.

A central air blower motor replacement costs how much?

You can change a blower motor without causing significant damage to the system, but you’ll almost certainly face a snag.


Consider spending the time and effort to replace the blower motor only to find out that this was not the cause of your system’s issues. Even if you properly identify a blower motor problem, you may ignore a larger issue that led to the failure in the first place. If the latter is true, then your brand-new vehicle is no longer with us (it was so young, too).


When it comes to HVAC repairs, the DIYer’s dilemma is similar: detecting the problem frequently necessitates extensive, professional-level knowledge. You might be able to figure out how, but you’ll have a hard time figuring out why. It’s advised not to do anything until you’ve talked to a local furnace repair expert.

What Does it Cost to Replace a Blower Motor in an HVAC System?

Your blower motor replacement cost may range from high to low, depending on the type of blower motor you choose. The various motors and their possible costs are listed below.

Blower Motor Price (Single/Multi/Variable Speed)

Whether you have a single-speed, multi-speed, or variable-speed blower motor, the price will vary. Single-speed motors cost about half as much as variable-speed motors. A single-speed motor replacement costs around $450, whereas multi-speed and variable-speed motors cost around $600 or more.

The price of a furnace blower motor VS. the price of an air conditioner blower motor

A blower for a furnace or an air conditioner costs between $250 and $800 on average. Because both functions are performed by the same part, this is the case. You’ll just have one blower motor to worry about whether you’re chilling without central air or with both heating and air conditioning.

What Does it Cost to Replace a Blower Motor in an HVAC System?

You can choose from a variety of brands when calculating the cost of an AC/furnace blower motor. Your costs may differ depending on which option you choose. Here are some of the most well-known brands and their typical prices:

  • $100–1,600 for a carrier
  • $75–$800 for a Goodman.
  • $150–$1500 for Lennox
  • $250–$900 for Rheem.
  • $175–$1,500 for Trane.
  • $150–$1800 in York

What Influences the Cost of a Blower Motor?

Because there are so many variables at play, there is no one-size-fits-all cost for HVAC blower replacement. The most prevalent factors that influence your bill are listed below.

Service Warranty

You’re in luck if your air conditioner is still under warranty. Most blower motor warranties will cover early failure, so you’ll only have to pay $150 for labor.

Cost of replacing a central air/heating system’s blower motor

There are numerous HVAC businesses to choose from, and blower motor pricing will vary depending on who you use. It’s always a good idea to acquire several quotations, but keep in mind that some professionals charge a diagnostic fee if they come to your house. This could cost anywhere from $50 and $150, with most companies waiving the fee if you hire them to do the work.

Your HVAC System’s Adaptability

Your labor costs may be affected by the accessibility of your HVAC system. If it’s a quick and easy location, like a main-floor closet, you’ll generally obtain a low starting charge. You may be charged extra if your pro has to trudge through the gloomy bowels of your attic or cellar.

HVAC maintenance vs. repair Cost of Blower Repair

The same dilemma applies for the blower motor as it does for fixing vs. replacing a whole furnace. Is your whole motor broken, or only a part of it? Depending on what went wrong, a blower motor repair can cost anywhere between $150 and $1,500. However, after labor charges are factored in, a complete replacement might cost upwards of $2,000. So, if the cost of repair is prohibitively expensive, total HVAC Blower Motor Replacement may be a preferable option. If you’re not interested in replacement you can contact Comfort Aire Inc. at (219)306-2348 for further assistance.